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Techrevive is Geelong’s expert repairer for phones, iPads, laptops, game consoles and all things electronic. Your devices play a major role in your personal and professional life. When your electronic device breaks, you want an expert to handle the repair. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of experience in the device repair industry, Techrevive can get the job done quickly and effectively. We fix most brands of phones, tablets and laptops such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Oppo and much more.

Being a family run small business, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. It’s very important to us that we give you the very best experience because for the most part we know you don’t want to be visiting us! We’ll always give you the best advice on your device, whether that involves it being fixed or not.

Techrevive is one of the first phone repair stores in Australia to offer ‘Repair Now, Pay Later’ services allowing you to pay off your repairs with interest free payments weekly or fortnightly. This allows the opportunity to have your device fixed and not have to worry about paying for the repair for up to 2 months!


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iPhone/Phone Repair

iPhone/Phone Repair

From cracked iPhone screens to faulty Galaxy batteries our technicians are able to fix almost any problem with your cell phone.


Tablet/iPad Repair

Tablet/iPad Repair

Got a broken screen or a faulty headphone jack? Whatever your problem we can help, most jobs take less than an hour to complete!


Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Whether you are running a MacBook Air, the latest Dell XPS or an old Lenovo that has seen better days, we can get you back on track.


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We fix everything

We offer the flexibility of being able to drop off and pick up your device from 6am to 6pm weekdays giving you the convenience of not being restricted by business hours. This means you can drop off your device before work or school and it’ll be waiting for you after you finish.

Techrevive offers a six month warranty on repairs to give you the peace of mind with issues arising related to the repair. All you need to do is simply bring back your device and we’ll rectify the issue.

We offer Protection Pro, one of the most durable screen protectors on the market that doesn’t crack or chip and can be customised for any device with a touch screen. This product is perfect for those of you who run their business through their devices or if you’re a frequent user of your phone. You can also buy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors that protect your screen from scratches and marks.

At Techrevive, we believe in the importance of recycling used electronic devices. If you have an old phone or iPad that’s just sitting in your drawer at home, bring it to us. We can use the parts to help revive another device or we get rid of them at our local recycling centre so they’re disposed of responsibly.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will my phone take to repair?

If you visit our walk in centre most repairs are undertaken within 24 – 48 hours subject to parts availability.

Will I lose any data from my Mobile Phone?

We endeavour to keep all information intact, unless it is necessary to remove as a part of the repair. These repairs usually include software problems or liquid damage. If your data is particularly important please do let us know when you send in your mobile phone.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts.


Techrevive Education Initiative

  • Bulk Discounts

    Have a lot to get done on a budget? Get great service for your biggest jobs, while saving money in the process.

  • Staff & Student Discounts

    Whether you’re working towards a paycheck or a diploma, we’ve got your back. Let us do the hard work for you.

  • Diagnostic & Estimate

    Finding out what the problem is, or how much it costs to fix should never cost you, and with us it won’t.

  • Locations Victoria Wide

    With over 5 locations Victoria wide and mail-in service options, we can help you, wherever you are.

  • No Monthly Fee

    Working with you is our pleasure, and we certainly won’t charge for it. We don’t charge monthly fees.

  • Quick Quality Care

    Same day repairs shouldn’t be shoddy. We believe in our work, and offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs.

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