Why Not To Use The Rice Treatment For A Wet Device

You have no doubt heard someone explain after their phone fell in water or the toilet that it died, but after putting it into a container of rice, it magically came back to life?

Will Arden and his team at TechRevive are the expert repairers for phones, iPads, laptops, game consoles and all things electronic. They fix electronics every day and have seen more water damaged devices than you could imagine.

Today, we are here to educate you about what happens to your phone and the damage the rice causes.

You might have a friend who did the “rice treatment,” and their phone is still working. The odds are that the water didn’t get in the phone – they are very well sealed already.

So, for those cases, while you can never prove it – leaving them sitting on the bench would have done the same job.

Water doesn’t damage your phone; it’s the combination of electricity and water that does the damage. The current from an active phone mixed with water will very quickly cause corrosion.  This can happen in as little as 25 minutes, making the device now unreliable.

Leaving the phone in rice for an extended period, and repeat attempts at trying to charge it and turn it on, will only accelerate the corrosion process and by the time you realise that it doesn’t work, the corrosion may render the phone unrepairable. Even if the phone does happen to turn on, don’t believe that it’s fixed. Turn it off and leave it off and take it to a repair shop to be adequately cleaned to remove that corrosion.

The most important thing to consider is how to keep your data safe with cloud back-ups should you ever have an unfortunate incident. For some people the phone is replaceable, but data such as photos and contacts stored is not.


> Do not turn it on.

> Do not charge the device.

> Turn it off if it appears to be still working.

> Do not charge the device.

> Do not attempt to force the drying of the phone such as with a hair dryer or with rice.

> Do not charge the device.

Bring it into Will and the team of experts at TechRevive, Geelong as soon as you can so they can fix your phone.