When you hear the term ‘innovative technology’ what comes to mind, what does this truly mean? Well, you’re not the only one who has thought about this and today we’ve got the perfect example of recent innovative technology that is simply found within our smartphones.

Have you ever wanted to be able to search a picture or illustration, you don’t know the name of the image, but there’s something behind it that you’re dying to find out about…? Well if you haven’t heard or aren’t familiar with this already, Google Lens will do all that and more for you!

Basically,Google Lens allows you to search what you see… no need to worry about typing, it’s all under control with the help of your just camera.

The features on Google Lens are somewhat honestly mind-blowing especially when we’ve imagined such possibilities for years, probably even decades!

The Google Lens is powered by AI that relies on your smartphone camera, to not just identify something you may be seeing yourself, but to also understand and enable you to complete further actions based on the information your seeing through your smartphone lens.

We get it, this is some really fancy tech so let’s look further into what this innovative technology has to offer and its capabilities.

With Google Lens you can even effortlessly add events to your calendar, look up similar items to that piece of furniture or products your super interested in, search breeds and species you come across throughout your own adventures, get directions on your journeys, make those important phone calls, copy and paste to save for later and translate words on a menu even… I know, it shocked me too!

You’re intrigued I just know it, check out one of Google’s video for a bit of an insider how this has come to help and improve the lives of others in so many incredible ways, it’s basically innovation at it’s finest!


It had formally launched back in ’17, but again through innovative technology and consumer demands, it has seen significant changes since and not too far away now, we will be seeing more keep updates roll out.