We all love the look and feel of a brand new device – fresh out of the box, it’s all clean and shiny and doesn’t even have any fingerprints on it yet! It’s an awesome feeling, but it doesn’t tend to last too long. . . . 

If you find yourself with a device in need of some ‘TLC’ – a cracked screen, a battery that won’t charge, a home button that won’t work – Will and the team at Techrevive East Geelong are happy to help sort out these phone and tablet repairs, but they also have some handy hints on how to avoid these issues in the first place. 

1.Get some protection

Getting a case and a screen protector are the first things you should do after opening that fancy new phone or tablet.  Find a case that suits you and what you do each day and make sure it feels comfortable in your hand. Ideally find a case that looks good and provides the best protection against any damage. Screen damage is the number one issue for mobile device users – ProtectionPro is the perfect solution. This custom, clear, durable amour will protect your screens from damage, it looks great and can be quickly and easily installed by the Tech Revive team for you. (Techrevive have a range of cases and Protection Pro options available in store for you to choose from.)

2.Try not to drop your device

This seems like an obvious piece of advice, but we are all guilty of being a little complacent from time to time and accidents happen. If you have a durable case and a screen saver, these will go a long way to protecting from accidental drops, bumps and scratches. If you’re juggling a million things and your hands are full – give first priority to your devices and pop them in your pocket or bag and keep them safe. 

3.Keep it somewhere safe

If you’re not using your device, where do you put it down? Where do you keep it? Try having a designated ‘safe spot’ at home or in the office and remind yourself to key using that spot every day. Accidentally leaving your phone or tablet on the couch, on the floor, next to the kitchen sink or on the end of your bed could all lead to potential accidents requiring repair. AND it means you’ll be less likely to utter the phrase ‘where’s my phone?’, fifteen times a day! Also, try to avoid try to avoid putting your phone and keys in the same pocket or section of your bag – scratches can ruin the touchscreen experience.

4.Keep it clean and dry

If your device does get a bit grubby – use a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth. Don’t apply or spray any liquids directly onto your phone or tablet. Gently wipe your entire device with the cloth. Remove the cover and clean separately from the device – disinfectant cleaning wipes might be your best bet – to get rid of any dirt and grim from the edges and surfaces. 

 Treat your devices like Gremlins – DO NOT GET THEM WET!  You’ll only need to have this experience once and you’ll never let it happen again! Always keep your devices away from water – that includes your daily 3pm cup of coffee. While devices are generally well sealed and the odd drop of liquid or minor spill can you cleaned and dried quickly without issue – dropping your phone it the loo or pool can be a nasty experience. If it does happen we have a few quick steps to follow:

> Do not turn it on.

> Do not charge the device.

> Turn it off if it appears to be still working.

> Do not charge the device.

> Do not attempt to force the drying of the phone such as with a hair dryer or with rice.

> Do not charge the device.

Bring it into Will and the team of experts at TechRevive, Geelong as soon as you can so they can repair your device.

5.Clear the Cache

Keeping the outside clean is just as important as keeping the inside clean. When you install apps or when they run, they may leave junk files behind in the cache. These take up memory you could use for things you really want to do. Clear these files out from time to time. Both Android and iOS allow you to do this – Google it for quick, step-by-step instructions for your device.

6.Look after your battery

Smartphone batteries starts to lose their capacity after around 500 charging cycles, but this moment may come much earlier if you charge your phone incorrectly. All devices come with manufacturers advice on looking after your battery – so follow it if you can. Most of these include:

>Try to maintain full charge cycles, meaning do not start charging it, when there’s still some battery left. But at the same time do not wait until it is completely discharged. The best time to start charging is at 15% of the battery. 

> Do a full charge cycle once a month. This means charging it to 100% and then letting it die to 0%. Doing this will make your battery live a durable and healthy life.

> Restarting your phone from time to time

> Turn off services you don’t need (like mobile data when you can use Wi-Fi and live wallpaper)

> Keep the battery cool (and turning off the phone to let it cool down if it overheats)

TechRevive can assist in battery repairs and replacements – drop in or give them a call for more details. 

7.Keep it secure

While you’re doing your best to keep your phone safe from harm, you also need to protect it from falling into the wrong hands – use the security features built into your device to help keep it secure.

Remember to: 

> Lock your device with a pin, password or pattern

> Don’t share your password

> Install a security app to help you find your phone or tablet if it goes walkabout

> Write down your mobile devices serial number – it might help you find it in the future. 

For more tech advice or to answer any questions or concerns – contact Will and the team at Techrevive Geelong on (03) 5273 0261 or drop into the store at 78A Garden Street, East Geelong.