Mobile phones have come a long way in the past 20 years – they went from being a convenient tool to keep in touch while on the go, to being a heavily relied on device central to living our day to day lives.

Think about it . . . . these days we use our phones for an enormous range of tasks:

  • To take and store photos and videos
  • Keep our list of contacts
  • Send and store messages
  • Access our emails
  • Run our businesses
  • Be our wallet for making and reciveing payments
  • Play and store music
  • Be our calendar and planner
  • Watch movies, tv shows, videos
  • Be our compass and give map directions 
  • Read books
  • Be a torch
  • Be our alarm clock, timer and stop-watch
  • Play games
  • Connect with social media

We rely on these devices every day, so it’s no wonder new ones are continually created with bigger and better tools and services. With these improvements comes expense – so if you’re not in a position to upgrade year-on-year here are some tips to extend the life of your current phone as long as possible.

  • Update your operating system whenever new ones are released. This will install the latest security measures, give you access to some useful new features and even speed up slow phones. If your pone to too old to accept the latest update – it might be time to upgrade and get a new phone.
  • Replace the battery. We’re all guilty of over-charging our phones. No one wants to be left with a dead battery in the middle of photo worthy dining experience, so we generally charge whenever the opportunity arrives regardless of how much battery life is showing. Because of this habit, the average phone battery lasts about 2 years – the more often you charge it the quicker it will deteriorate. If your battery is playing up – get it replaced, its far more cost effective than buying a new device.
  • Replace busted screens. At Techrevive in East Geelong we know all about this handy hint! Getting rid of your broken, cracked and scratched screen will give your phone a whole new lease on life (and again, it’s cheaper than getting a new phone). The team at Techrevive Geelong can have your smart device looking it’s best in no time at all. 
  • Clear out the junk! Delete all those apps that you never use. Seriously, when was the last time you played Solitaire or Angry Birds? And move those 4,000 food photos to the cloud (or even rethink if you really still need them??? – try the delete function, it’s so refreshing)

Following these hints should see your phone’s life extended and if you need help with new batteries, screens or other tech advice regarding your smart device – pop into see the team at Techrevive in Geelong or call (03) 5273 0261