Did Santa not bring you what you wanted this Christmas, and you want to fix the gaming consoles you already have? Or he did and you have already broken it?

Either way the team at Techrevive are happy to help you out! Every TechRevive technician goes through an intensive training process, and we maintain an environment of constant learning, so no device is too new, old or complicated


According to WePC, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world! That is a third of the world’s population! Imagine how many of those people are in need of a new console, repairs or advice on what to buy next. There are so many genres and types very accessible you can almost play them on any device including; your phone, tablet, or tv. It’s hard to keep up with technology so we have broken it down to see how things have changed in the gaming world.   


Are you a lazy gamer? Voice control has made its way into the gaming world where you can use voice commands without the need to press any buttons. You can turn the console on and off, control game play, interact on social media and search the web. This can all be done by talking to your gaming system. 


Motion control basically speaks for itself, allowing users to connect with their gaming experience by using natural movements of the body, using a 3D camera which tracks 22 separate points in your hand. The Intel RealSense technology is a game changer literally!


Portability is so handy with kids that it is becoming more popular. From the infamous iPad to the Nintendo Switch. 


Cutting edge advances have seen 8-bit graphics back in the day to 4k even 5k resolution, with even curved screens now on the market. The technology advances have made gaming feel like you’re right inside. It is giving users the gaming experience they’ve never experienced before with crisp visuals.  


Although not all virtual reality gaming consoles have been released yet, they are going to give gamers an insane gaming experience that has never been seen before. You’ll lose yourself so much that you won’t know what is and isn’t reality. 


From glasses to smart watches, wearable games are hitting the market, leaving portable access without being too invasive. Technology fitness companies are incorporating entertainment into fitness applications. 

The speed in which technology is going these days, the development continues each month to grow to new speeds that in a years time we will be even more shocked at what is happened since now. The team at TechRevive in Geelong are always on top of the latest technology, so if you need any advice please call us on (03) 5273 0261 or email us at info@techrevive.com.au.