Like mobile phones serving multiple purposes, today’s smart watches have been designed to fulfill more than the single basic task of telling the time.  

At Techrevive in Geelong, we have seen the latest roll-out of savvy looking wrist-worn devices. Being able to not only track your fitness, play music, carry your credit card info, monitor your heart rate and count your steps (have you done your 10,000 today?) – these lightweight technological wonders now enable us to take photos, answer phone calls, play games, view and reply to texts, search online and even check our emails. They can also connect to our cars, carry store loyalty cards, control our smart home, send an SOS and even order a pizza! How did we ever survive without them? 

Forgetting where you put your phone or leaving the house/office without it, can be annoying but putting on a watch becomes part of your daily morning routine and is rarely overlooked. Will mobile phones be a thing of the past? 

In the smart watch market there are endless options and feature combinations offered by the big tech giants, and versions to suit everyone from young children to teenagers and adults. Tracking your kid’s movements with a GPS feature and having built in reminders (with digital rewards) to encourage them to get up and get active are feature some parents are keen to embrace.  

While the smart watch purchase choices offered by Apple, Garmin, Fitbit and Samsung continue to grow and the accessories, colours, features and bands are ever changing – just about all of these smart watches are susceptible to similar issues along the way. 

Most smart watches are waterproof these days and have respectable battery life – however exposure to the elements or accidental damage to smart watch screens can affect basic functions. Data loss with smart watches can also be a concern, particularly when the linked mobile device is updated or replaced. Over time, Bluetooth and pairing functions can be problematic with older smart watches and glitches with updating software can interfere with new and old apps from time to time. Buttons not working, screens cracking, slow charging or short battery life can all be experiences as part of general wear and tear, or the odd accident.  

With so many choice, finding the ideal smart watch to suit your personal needs can be overwhelming, but finding someone to help you with any smart watch and fitness tracker repair needs is simple – the team at Techrevive in Geelong can assist and get you back on target to your next 10,000 steps and ordering pizza a.s.a.p.  

Contact the team on (03) 5273 0261, send us an enquiry or pop into Techrevive at 78A Garden Street, East Geelong.