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Protecting our kids online – are you lost too?

One day you wake up and realise your kids know more than you do! Well, in the world of mobile phones, tablets, apps and all things online anyway. The goal posts are constantly moving and new apps, new...

Where would we be without our smart watches?

Like mobile phones serving multiple purposes, today’s smart watches have been designed to fulfill more than the single basic task of telling the time.   At Techrevive in Geelong, we have ...

Gaming & Gaming Repairs in 2020

Did Santa not bring you what you wanted this Christmas, and you want to fix the gaming consoles you already have? Or he did and you have already broken it? Either way the team at Techrevive are ha...

Are we obsessed with our devices?

Nowadays we’re noticing that society seems to have a bit of an obsession with technology. And, it’s hard not to be obsessed as our devices do so much! The biggest impact on the world is hands...

The Age of The Drone Has Arrived

But what are the rules? While drones might not be part of every Australian household (just yet), the Techrevive team are big fans and like all new drone owners we needed to check out the new rules for...

How to extend the life of your smart phone?

Mobile phones have come a long way in the past 20 years – they went from being a convenient tool to keep in touch while on the go, to being a heavily relied on device central to living our day to day ...

How to take care of your devices

We all love the look and feel of a brand new device – fresh out of the box, it’s all clean and shiny and doesn’t even have any fingerprints on it yet! It’s an awesome feeling, but it doesn’t ten...

The importance of backing up

Have you experienced losing important data on your device? Or, short of that, have you ever felt a moment of panic where you thought you did?  Whether it’s images of your newborn, family, a report fro...

Reduce your data usage on an android device with these 8 tips!

Find out eight great ways to reduce data usage on an android device In recent years, mobile data usage has skyrocketed. Apps have become more data hungry and are constantly pushing new versions for an...

Familiar with the possibilities of Google Lens?

When you hear the term ‘innovative technology’ what comes to mind, what does this truly mean? Well, you’re not the only one who has thought about this and today we’ve got the perfect example of recent...

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