Mac/PC Repairs

Mac/PC Repairs

Computers can be both your comfort item for those lazy weekends on the couch, learning tool for your kids or your precious device for all things work related. With your computer holding such great importance in our lives, we understand the need to get them back up and running when they are not doing what they are told or have a great big crack right though the screen. Broken screens, faulty batteries and device not charging are just some of the issues that we deal with on a day to day basis. So for all your Computer Repairs in Geelong, look no further than Techrevive.

Some of the repairs we offer for computers are:

· Hard drive replacement – if your PC or Mac no longer boot correctly

· Battery replacement – for when your battery has swollen, depleted or having charging issues

· Virus removal – Inundated with pop ups, scam emails or lost data

· Data transfer – If you’ve just purchased a new computer and you need data transferred from old to new

· Power supply – computers hate dust, so much so that we’ve seen a few power supplies give up the ghost in dusty enviroments

· Keyboard replacement – for when you’re 2 year old removes every key

· Graphics card upgrade – That old clunky graphics card not letting you play the latest game, we can help with that!

· Water damage- please come see as soon as you can and do NOT use rice