EFM Lightning Cable 2M – Black

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Make charge and sync easy with the EFM® SUPER-FLEX TOUGH CABLE WITH USB TO LIGHTNING CONNECTOR. Tested to withstand more than 60,000* bends, this cable is one of the strongest and most durable on the market. The EFM Super-flex Tough Cable includes Kevlar ® the world’s leading abrasion resistant fibre used in many industries including aerospace. It features increased torsion strength and durability due to its carbon braided hard-wearing exterior. With an enhanced resistance to extreme temperatures, shrinkage and abrasion the EFM Super-flex Tough Cable can withstand anything thrown at it. It will survive bends, hard pulls, and twists and won’t become tangled. It absorbs the stress of everyday work and life while offering optimal transfer speeds and charge times. With a sleek professional profile it is the ideal partner to your Apple devices.